Archiwum dla Sierpień, 2008

Tiddly Backpack – Take you Wiki with you

Wikis have gained much popularity for the last few years. There are a lot of different systems and its hard to believe that there could be something new about them. Today, everything has to be small and portable..well maybe not everything;)I found a Wiki that perfectly fit to this trend.
Tiddly Backpack is a personal Wiki that takes only 20KB of space. It can be easily carried on a USB stick or send via e-mail. It is also very simple to use. We just have to open it and it’s ready for action:) Maybe it’s not a Wikipedia (which is a litlle bigger:) but it’s a great tool to organize notes.


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Everyone can be a flash designer :)

Everyday we visit great flash based web sites. The animations and special effects make them look more interesting than traditional static pages. However, most human beeings dont have adequate skills, enough time or they just lack the motivation to make such content. For all of them, more and more services are coming into light with an aim to faciliate production of flash content. The one that I like personally is called GoAnimate. Its an easy to use tool which gives a possibility to create great flash scenes within few minutes. We choose background and characters thay will play in our movie. Next in the following scenes we choose actions that our "actors" will perform and…thats all, out movie is ready!!:) Now we can export it to your blog or account at most popular social network. As a result we get something like this:


The only disadvantage I have found is lack of some mechanism that would allow keeping our flash productions localy on a harddrive.

You may ask how to use it in e-learning? Well, dialogues are a great way to teach and they can be put as a flash animation within your e-learning courses to enrich it. My friends were amazed when I have showed them my first animations so in my opinion its a great way to make our content more attractive and user friendly:) Try it! You won’t regret it;)

goanimate example


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