Archiwum dla Lipiec, 2008

IMS Common Cartridge Specification

IMS has finall realased draft version of Common Cartridge
specification. What’s a Common Cartridge? It’s a succesor of SCORM, 
the most popular standard for online content exchange, which has become a little old and is not cool anymore:)

The Common Cartridge (CC) standard distils state-of-the-art practice in online education and training into an easy-to-implement format for creating and sharing digital content. It defines an integrated approach to exchanging content exploiting:

    * A consistent model for packaging content.
    * Metadata (based on simple Dublin Core).
    * Assessment (harnessing a commonly used set of question types).
    * Additional features such as discussion topics and authorization for protected content.

Everything looks very nice. Espacially initialization of disccusions
within course and wuthorization. We can only hope that it will be fast
and fully implemented by LMS vendors (some of them have still problems
with SCORM 2004:)

Link to specification:
– available for public for 60 days closing on September 16, 2008

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Wikis have conquered the world. Everyday there is a lot of new ones comming into life. Lately I wrote about Knol, a new knowledge portal from Google that will bring some colourful commercials into the gray life of Wikipedia users;) Today I read about…Medpedia. As you probably suspects its a combination of words Wiki and Medicine…Tadaaa!:)  According to its creators it will soon be the biggest medical encyclopaedia in the world. It will be officialy oppened at the end of this year and after viewing some previews I must say it looks real good. Well, we will have to wait a while to check the most important parts of medicine;)

Link to Medpedia:


If you envy the doctors than maybe you want to start your own Wiki? The newest article on mashable will surely help you make the right decision. The authors have decribed over 30 Wikis divided into two groups – stand alone wikis and Wiki farms (servers in the Web whre you can create youw Wiki). You are a: .NET, PHP, Java Sript, or not informatical person than you will find a solution for you.

Wikitalize your life!:)

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Knol vs Wikipedia – Round 1

Maybe some of you have already read about Google plans about creation of the the knowledge portal that would be competetive to the Wikipedia. The task looks imposible. However Google has much experience in clashes with large companies:)

Knol is Google’s answer to the growing interest in Knowledge sharing portals. It main task is to encourage people who are specialists in some domains to share their knowledge with others…who arent:) From the opposite point of view, everyone can add comments to knols or write a review. Everyting we need to start is a google account and Im sure its not a problem..unless you dont work for Microsoft:)

So let’s take a look on this novelty.

Google Knol

At first sight it looks simliar. The central part of the page is occupied by an article (text, pictures, links). However the most interesting things are located around (it doesnt matter that the articles are boring;) On the right hand side we can actually see the author, related knols and reviews…and of course some adverts:) Beneath the article there are comments of other Knol fans:) Google boats that our articles can be found using search engines and this is a point which looks a little tricky to me. If Knol is a google child try to guess what definitions will be placed first in google search results?… the answer is not Wikipedia:)
Nevertheless you have to try it because in my opinion Knol in the near future will be as good knowledge portal as Wikipedia. This competition can only bring more profits to users:)

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Lively – Virtual world by Google

Everyone was waiting for this moment (at least Google developers:) Google has finally created its own virtual world called Lively. What does it offer? Well after a quick look I must say that not much but lets start form the beginning. You don’t need any application on your computer only a small plugin for your browser. Than you just have to login using your google login and password.
First thing that you have to do in the virtual world is….creation of your new virtual personality:) The choice isn’t big but if you like to be a girl, boy or a pig you will surely find something interesting:)
With your new avatar you can start conquering the Web. There are two possibilities: you can join one of already created rooms or create a new one. If you choose the second option than you will be given a large set of different localizations (i.e. classroom, beach, panda shape room:) and things that you can place inside (ie. furnitures, electronics, plants). When everything is ready you can start inviting friends and…thats it:) The only interaction is chat and some custom animations. It is very simple in compare to Second Life but its just the beginning so we should give it a try:) In my opinion its an interesting place for everyone who just want to chat with other people but is bored with present chat rooms.

+ ease in installation and configuration (plug&play:)
+ free
+ ability to create own rooms

+ small rooms
+ lack of interactions
+ its just too simple:)

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