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Poland is a World’s e-learning backwater

This is a
special Easter for me because I’ve got a new job :) The last couple of weeks
brought me some experience about e-learning in Poland. It seems to be much
worse developed as I thought before. Even the biggest companies with thousands
of employees, haven’t seen the potential in it or were uninformed for last few
years. The people understand e-learning in many different ways, sometimes completely
wrong. For some of them this is a collection of pdf tutorials stored on the
computer, for others it is a PowerPoint presentation. Is Poland really a World’s
e-learning backwater? Well, the answer is…..No! :) The new wave has finally come
to my country. The corporations start to evaluate this way of teaching their
workers and spend much money on it (what’s a great news for all e-learning
specialist in Poland
:) Of course we are still a way behind other
countries but it is only a matter of time to catch them
J. Even our Minister of Education has
recently appreciated the potential of e-learning and has decided to increase its
participation in higher education. Maybe it’s not a big step but it shows that
e-learning is no longer a hobby of some hotheads. In my opinion a big influence
on it have student exchange programs. During my on year stay in Germany I got
in touch with many technologies that I have never heard about before. They
weren’t new, but more or less unknown in Poland. It is still hard to find a
place in here where you can learn about e-learning (yes, I’ve heard about
Internet but not everyone is so motivated to install an e-learning platform on
his computer, after reading some comments in the Web
J and learning without practice
brings more or less nothing). In Germany I met many people who were a really
Web 2.0 community which builds and shares its knowledge with others. I’ve tried
e-learning with them and I must admit that in my case it has increased my
learning abilities. This fact has motivated me to take a closer look at this “newness”.
Now I see that it was one of the best decision in my life (I can’t say that it
was the best because my girlfriend would kill me;). Despite all adversities (such
as EU refunds that have encouraged many unqualified people to create e-learning
content of miserable quality) everything seems to go in a right direction.

At the end
I would like to wish you all happy Easter. Don’t forget that e-learning is
great but a time with family can also be really nice ;)


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Seventh International Network Conference (INC 2008)

Today Ive got an email from University of Plymouth saying that my paper for this conference has been accepted!Tadaaaa!:) I wrote about use of ontologies (knowledge representation’s method) in e-learning. It is free to download frommy website: (You can also find there some hot pictures of the author;)

The paper basicly consists of three main parts. Ive started with general presentation of present learning manegement systems (LMS). Than Ive presented some facts about ontologies. The last part describes methods, how ontologies can be used in elearning. Ive distinguished three main directions:
 - Using ontologies for content personalization
 - Ontology based feedback generation
 - Ontology for improving learning resource search

All your comments are very welcome:) What are your feeleing about ontologies in e-elarning? Do you think its a future?


Bartek Polakowski

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E-learning by design – read and do it!:)

Today I was
woken up by a sound of a drill and hammer. Lying on my bed I was wishing all the “best”
to my neighbor. Having no other option I have decided to eat breakfast and
write down my frustration on this blog (It looked easier than going upstairs
and quarreling
with my female neighbor who
has biceps in size of my thigh :)  

I wanted to
sleep today a little longer because yesterday I have finished an interesting
book about…e-learning (what else :) and when I decided to go to bed it was a
good long time after 2 AM.

The book is
E-Learning by Design by William Horton. I bought it some time ago after reading
few very positive comments on the Web. They said that it is one of these “must
have” books for everyone connected with e-learning and I must agree.

book is a great source of knowledge and ideas for all content developers. If
you are starting with e-learning production or looking for some good examples
how to make it more attractive of effective than this one is for you. But let
start from the beginning.

The book
can be divided into six main parts:

e-learning – This part explains what is e-learning and e-learning design, than
it describes the process of design which includes identifying an underlying
goal and prerequisites , setting learning objectives, defining a teaching
sequence, and selecting tests and learning activities.

– Author divides e-learning activities into three groups (absorb, do, and connect
type). Each of them is precisely described with examples and pictures. For
example in “do-type activities” chapter we can read about: practice activities,
discovery activities, games and simulations. Each of these is further divided
and described….and further…and further:).

– Tests are a big part of this book. It helps to select the right type of
question, write effective questions, and to combine them effectively.

& Lessons – Here we can read about organization of an e-learning course –
how to design  the components of the
topic, design reusable topics, integrate foreign modules, combine learning
activities, organize lessons, and much much more..

Classrooms – This part answers to questions: how to create a VC, what tools to us,e
how to conduct an online meeting and manage VC.

Display & Navigation – Describes technical aspects of course presentation
and navigations. It says what fonts, colors, text format to use and much more.

is enriched with many illustrations which make the topics more clear and makes
the book much easier and comfortable to read. I’ve mentioned here only a few
things that you can find in this book (because I’m a little lazy:). It is really
a great source of knowledge and examples about content designing and it looks
great on a shelf (almost 600 pages in a black cover:). Everything is first
introduced and then very precisely described. The only disadvantage of this
book is lack of examples produced with open source tools (maybe the reason is
that there is a lack of such tools on the market which could compete with commercial

To sum up I
want to recommend this book to everyone who is interested in e-learning
production. Good job Mr Horton:) For all of these who are more interested in e-learning systems I
will have something shortly :).

Here you can read some fragments of this book:  E-learning by Design

E-Learning by Design by Horton

Bartek Polakowski

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3…2…1 Start!

Welcome everyone on my new blog!:)

I’m an e-learning hothead:) For few years I have worked with many e-learning standards & technologies. Because we live in the Web 2.0 world I feel obliged to share my knowledge and experience with others:) I will try to put here regularly news and informations regarding e/m – learning as well as my fight with already started Phd:) I hope that you will find this blog interesting. Im counting on yours comments and opinions:)

Best regards